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Cleanvac electric shuttle is manufactured for touristic places, hotels, farms, factories, airport and sport facilities. They are desisgned by our professional engineers and developed by our R&D department.

They have different passenger capacity from 8 to 16, the vehicles are zero emmision and they have eco-friendly working system. Electric shuttles and busses have superiority over the petrol-powered vehicles due to the price of electric is much cheaper and stable than petrol prices.



Electric shuttles are used in service in any weather condition thanks to it openable roof and optional heating system. Buses are very ideal solution for short distance transportation. They can go upto 45-50km/h after 8 hours charge. They are compelety maintenance free vehicles for very long years.


As the demand of electric vehicles is incrasing day by day, they are replacing the place of petrol-powered vehicles. We use the highest technology and innovation for electric vehicles in our factory.


Technical Specifications

General Specifications
Type of Vehicle 15 person electrical golf car
Type Electrical shuttle
Battery Weight (25kgx4) 100 kg
Wheel Type Golf – 18x8.5-8
Seat Capacity 14+1
Colour Red-Yellow-White-Blue
Seat Colour White-Black
Roof Colour White-Blue-Gray
Supply – Power Specifications
Motor 7.5 kW 48V Motor
Motor Output Power 7.5 kW
Motor Control ( Driver ) Unit 7.5 kW 48V Golf Car Motor Controller Unit
Battery 6x12V 300A
Charging Unit MRS Battery Charge Unit
Frame Iron Component
Dressing Fiberglass
Wheel ( Routing ) Differential Routing
Brake System Manual System, Mechanic System
Seats Polyurethane
Max Speed 21 km/h
Max Rear Speed 15 km/h
Turning Degree 4.5-6 m
Time for Full Charge 4 h
Avarage Distance with Full 30-40 km
Max. Ramp Angle to Go 25 Degree
Motor Brake Optional
Length 720 cm
Width 130 cm
Height 214 cm
Base Height From Ground 15.5 cm
Wheel (Quantity -Type) 4 - Golf – 18x8.5-8
Minimum Base Height 12 cm
2 years of guaranteed by CLEANVAC – Tektem Makine San. ve Tic. A. Ş.

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Electric shuttle can provide its customers various optional solutions for their business needs. Please contact our sales department for the ideal solutions with the competitive prices for your business.

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