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Tektem Makina

Since 1990 until today, we have focused on power of the electric energy and transportation.
Our electric vehicles provide their energy from the latest innovative equipment and having working discipline and system as one in our factory.

With our modern design and R&D, we produce Cleanvac Electric vehicles with superior care by our engineers in production lines our own factory.

Thanks to manufacturer experience, we have produced many kind of customized electric vehicles for our customers business need.Our products are Mini Electric London Bus, Electric Shuttle, Mini Electric Fire Truck, Mini Electric Ambulance vehicles and so on.

We are keen to improve all the functions of the vehicle according to needs in the market cause we can design and produce vehicles exactly fit to your business demands.

Our production facilities in Sakarya, Turkey and our main office in Istanbul, Turkey, hundreds of engineers and employees; with the passion and energy, it continues to grow and development every passing day.

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